Reunion 2012 – Updates and Introductions from those who were able to attend

So, I was going try and for the super post and crop images of each person next to their updates. Time has gotten away from me, however, and I decided it was more important just to get this posted and send out the author invites.

The folks listed below were in Ames this past weekend and able to fill out the paper update sheets I brought with me. If someone else needs to be updated, give them my email and I’ll either show them how to become a blog Author here or post their information for them!



Delbert Matters

Delbert’s currently living in rural Havana, KS, riding horses, taking care of his dogs, cats, and horses (5 of each!), and enjoying retired lived in the country.

Exciting news: Delbert found a kind soul to put up with him – he got married to Gayle on 2/14/12.


Mike Matters

Mike and Barb reside in Stone Mountain, GA. Mike’s the head of some department or another at Argosy University. (If you don’t fill out your sheet, I get to start making up answers to fill in the blanks).


Greg and Sally Matters (plus Valerie and Brandon Sheeder; Kelly, Rob, and Miles Manatt)

Greg and Sally are in the clan contingent that still live Ames. Greg works for the City of Ames and Sally is the Director of Sports Information for (?).

Exciting News: Kelly and Rob will be visiting Ireland at the end of August. Hopefully they’ll have some pictures for us when they get back. Valier and Brandon are expecting their first baby in mid-December.


Merry Matters

Merry’s still hanging out in Booneville, MO these days.

Exciting News: After 28 years as an RN, Merry will be retiring. She plans to do a lot (more) gardening.


Bill Long

Bill makes his home in Collins, IA. Hopefully he’ll have more to say when he post s here (or I’ll get to make up a backstory….mwahaha).


Jennifer Matters

Jennifer, Desiree and Dakota hang their hats in Nevada, IA. Jennifer works as an RN.

Exciting News: Jennifer will be getting her Bachelor’s in Nursing this fall.


Jake Magnuson

Jake and his daughter, Sofia, live in Jacksonville, IL. Jake works as a librarian at MacMurray (I think).


Emily Magnuson

Emily calls Booneville, MO home. She’s a certified ESL/Spanish teacher, questing for that perfect school.
Exciting Update (6/21/12): Emily found a job teaching Spanish to middle schoolers in a small school system.


Suzanne Smith

Suzanne, Summer, Dylan, and Devon currently live in Mt.Greenwood, IL. She spends her days working hard at a drycleaner and her evenings playing with the kids.

Exciting News: The kids keep insisting on getting older! Devon will be 1 in August; Dylan 4 in September; Summer 13 in November.


Becky Matters

Becky also claims Ames as home. She’s been retired since 2008 and spends most of her time taking her mom shopping and on various adventures.

Worth Noting: Becky deserves a cake baked in her honor, or maybe a small statue, as she let a whole slew of our obnoxious clan into her home multiple times during the week of the reunion. Much thanks to you for that, Becky!


Kyle Matters

Kyle currently lives in Havana, KS. Officially, he’ll be a junior in high school this fall, but he prefers to be known as a “bull riding son of a gun”. (slight edit for family friendly blog, Kyle J  ).

Exciting News: Kyle’s nephew, Caleb, celebrates his 1st birthday in July.


Joyce Matters

Joyce helps keep the home fires bright in Ames. She keeps busy reading, seeing friends, running the Homeschool program, traveling, walking her dog and watching movies.

Worth Note: Joyce has a new puppy. Zumi is a German Shepherd/Husky mix. They visit Starbucks daily on their brisk 3.2 mile walk.


Marcia and Bill Matters

Marcia and Bill live in Aroma Park, IL. Both are retired (Bill only since October 2011). They spend a lot of time in the garden these days. (Ask for pictures!)


Jenn Matters

Jenn lives in Illinois, for the moment. She reads too much, sets up obnoxious family blogs, and travels as much as possible.

Exciting News: Jenn just finished her M.S. in Library Science (and would very much like a full time job as either a teen librarian or a community college teacher).

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Welcome to the Matters’ family online newsletter/blog!

After the Ames reunion in a couple days (6/17), this blog will be a way for all of us to keep in touch until the next gathering. Facebook and other social media are nice, but not everyone wants to communicate that publicly.

We’ll be handing out info sheets to fill in at the reunion. If you find yourself at this page, but didn’t get to fill one out for some reason, please email the blogmaster for the list of questions. The purpose of the sheets are to get a few “starter posts” up, so no one has to take on the scary job of being the first to post.

If you’d like to post, but aren’t quite sure how to gain administrative rights to do so, email the blog master.

Blog-Master’s Email:

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