Purpose of this Blog

This blog is a place for the Matters clan to keep up with each other between the (hopefully) annual, in person reunions.

If you have author rights, you should be able to post pictures, news about yourself, or even start a discussion by posting a question and letting folks reply in the comments.

If you are having trouble trying to post something, poke the blogmaster by email at jamatters@gmail.com or by phone.

If you want to share news, info, photos, events, but can’t (or don’t want to) figure out this blog thing…poke the blogmaster.


One Response to Purpose of this Blog

  1. Suzanne Gasior says:

    Hi all I hope to see you guys in june. I thought I would up date that I am no longer at the drycleaners I am know working at very good Job!!!! Arbor eye care. Arboreyecare.com if you would like to look it up. Summer Dylan and Devon are doing great. Dylan will graduate preschool on the 7th of june and Summer is going to springfield next week for school.

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