When I make first page news (for a good reason, no less)!

Check me out…I’m a small town superstar:

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Update: Jenn

Since my mom took the initiative to update, I figured that, as the esteemed blog mistress, I should do the same…

The last month or so has been a whirlwind. After 6 months of applying to jobs and nothing happening, I had 4 interviews in one week — 3 for libraries and 1 for a teaching position. AND…

I have a job! As of 2 weeks ago, I am the Youth Services Manager at a teeny library near Kankakee, IL. I’m in charge of programs and ordering materials for patrons aged birth to 18 years, and I’ll be the liaison between the library and the local schools and churches.  I still have a TON to learn, but it’s a fabulous environment to learn in. All of my colleagues are kind, super helpful, and know SO much. I will never be bored.

(I’d kind of been hoping and wishing for a library job back out in Ames, but the WPLD is a good fit for me and I’m glad to be near Mom right now).

If you’re bored or have 5 minutes, go check out my new place of work (or at least read the bio I had to write for the website): www.wilmingtonlibrary.org

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Update: Bill and Marcia

Hey Everyone,
Well, it has been six weeks since the family reunion.  Everyone here is busy.  I have had three rounds of chemo.  I lost my hair. 
Jenn has a job as a librarian… Just down the road.  Best of all my tumor went away only 3 days into the first treatment.
Bill is rolling with the heat and watering flowers and veggies.  We have tomatoes and cukes with a few peppers. 
My son and his family just left today and are back in Colorado Springs.   Our youngest granddaughter was here with them. She has call Bill “Poppa ‘Mato” since she was 2. So right now we are low on tomatoes because she is a tomato vacuum…she will eat 2-3 whole tomatoes like candy.  Could be worse snacks. 
Hope you are all busy and well.

Love Marcia and Bill.

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Were you in Washington this week, Delbert?

Let the comments and captions begin! Who can come up with the best caption for this photo:

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Thanks for the pictures Jenn and Sally

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Photo Deluge #1: Reunion 2012

We’re SO Pretty….or handsome. Whatever adjective makes you feel like a rock star, that is what we are.

Rather than photo-spamming the blog, I’m going to put up about a dozen thumbnail-sized photos from the reunion. You can click on them to see them bigger. At the END of the post I’ll put links to Sally and my’s complete online photo albums for the event.

Sally’s photos are all HERE.

My photos are all HERE. (Please ignore or inquire about the Avenger-shots, as you prefer).

If you’re interested in print copies of any of the photos, email me and we’ll make it happen.

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REunion 2012–

Was really nice to see everyone.  Hope you all have a nice summer and enjoy your vacations.  Especially Greg and family in Ireland.  Always wanted to go there. — Bill/Marcia

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